Explain Production, Properties And Types Of X-rays?


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X-rays are a type of electromagnetic waves. When a beam of electrons incident on a heavy metal, X-rays are produced. There are two types of X-rays that are characteristics X-rays and continuous X-rays. When a beam of electrons incident on a metal having large atomic number, this beam removes the electrons from lower shells. The electrons from the higher orbits move towards lower orbits to fill the vacancies. When they move from higher orbits to lower orbits energy is released in the form of photons, these radiations are known as characteristics X-rays. If electron beam does not strike with electrons in the atom, it may strike with nucleus or passed near to the nucleus. When this beam passes close to the nucleus, the acceleration of the electron decreases. Because of this sudden deceleration, radiations are emitted. These radiations are known as continuous X-rays.

X-rays have a very high energy up to 120 kilo electron volts. The wavelength of X-rays is about 0.01 to 10 nanometer. Moreover, continuous X-rays are also known as Bremsstrahlung radiations.

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