Image Of Phylum Protozoa. Any Suggestion?


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The organisms which come under Phylum Protozoa are aquatic organisms including both fresh water and marine water. They are usually very small and microscopic organisms. These organisms are included in the animal Kingdom and they form the primitive group in Kingdom Animalia. They are usually invisible with naked eyes.

Physically these animals are unicellular and they contain one nucleus. They have no organs and tissues because they are unicellular. These organisms live in colonies as well as independently. These organisms have different modes of nutrition. They locomote with the help of pseudopodia, flagella or cilia. Amoeba and Paramecium are the examples of protozoans.

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I found some of these in a project I was doing for zoology class.  I believe it is some kind of Rotifer?  There is a wheel like structure at the tip so I figured this so..

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