Who Is The Founding Father Of Anatomy?


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Andreas Vaslius is said to be the founder of modern human anatomy by many professionals who are in the know. He was alive between the years of 1514 and 1564, dying at the age of 49 after moving from the Netherlands to the Republic of Venice. Of his jobs and professions during his lifetime, there are three main areas in which he specialized:

Who was Andreas Vaslius and what was his legecy?

  • He was a physician, studying the branch of science referring to physics. This interlinks with his study of the human anatomy as humans are indeed part of physics, as it is the study of nature and natural matter.

  • He was, ultimately, an anatomist. He studied how the human body works and how it functions through different environments. He did many experiments into the human body, looking for ways to show how adaptable we are and to learn from our past mistakes.

  • He also wrote what is said to be one of the most influential books on the human anatomy - 'De humani corporis fabrica' - which translates into English as 'On the Fabric of the Human Body'. The book outlined his hypotheses surrounding the human body and described the work he had done in his specific branch, proving to be very inspirational and informative.

  • He was also known by a couple of other names, for reasons that are not specific. Some people called him Andreas Vesal, whereas others call him AndrĂ© Vesalio. Some even referred to him as Andre Vesale.

  • His work was said to change our way of thinking about anatomy, leading to great discoveries in our own time, now. Despite being so many centuries ago, the science was still studying the same topics: Our human bodies. This shows how important science can be, as it lasts through the ages, regarding things that sometimes never really change.

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Andreas Vesalius

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