How Important Is It For A Manager To Have Good Communication Skills?


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In the daily work of a manager, the most time spent during the job is communicating with other subordinates. Effective communication is therefore vital to the organization. It is the process by which planning, organizing, leading, directing and controlling are accomplished.

Good communication skills will reduce conflict and prevent unnecessary misunderstanding. Some people would argue that communication is the explanation to all conflict within the organization; therefore, it is not only important for managers to be good communicators but also to understand the process of communication.

Communication can be defined as a process by which an idea is transferred from one mind to the other. The purpose is to make the receiver understand what is in the mind of the sender. Communication can take a number of forms; the spoken and written word, figures, visual images, facial expressions or gestures.

Body language is conveying a message in a non-verbal manner. It can act as both a substitute for and a complement to verbal communication. The spoken word can be supported by verbal communication.

On the other hand, one of the most difficult situations to handle in the workplace is where conflicting messages are received through the eyes and through the ears. So a good manager will always learn what effective communication is and use it in his daily job to make sure the company's goals are being followed by all subordinates.
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If you can not communicate(work) with your co-workers to pass on information in order to how shall we say- move production along/motivate your about useless as a manager.this is why a manager should be promoted from within/worked their way through the they know the problems that can arise in the company from both your co-workers and customers/orders/service. In other words if you how shall we say bring down the happiness levels/morale of the company you are a detriment to the company. In other words they would be paying a manager to basically destroy what they (the company/investors/workers)had built up to work smoothly/efficiently to make profit/pay their employees wages/salary. Or what is that phrase- you are the weakest link good -bye. : ). Or as the donald say's-your after saying all this -there are acception.
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Effective interpersonal skills are important to a manager's success because it holds management abilities to recover in such situations.
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A manager doesn't actually produce anything. A manager can only create an environment in which other people can produce something. A big part of that environment is people--their attitudes and the ways they communicate and interact with each other. The only tool a manager has for altering these factors is his/her interpersonal skills.
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A successful manager must be able to effectively communicate with both colleagues, subordinates, and other organizational stakeholders. He or she must be able to convey information efficiently and effectively, as well as receive information in an efficient manner, that reduces misunderstandings. Developing effective communication skills must be a vital concern for any individual interested in becoming a top-notch manager.

There are a number of online portals that provide further information on effective communication in the workplace, and on the importance of other business communication skills. I recommend you visit several of them and bring yourself up to speed on the role of and importance of effective communication.

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