Describe A Situation Where You Experienced Poor Communication Or Online Etiquette, And Propose Ideas For How Communication Could Have Been Improved. Why Is Good Online Etiquette Important?


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I was once a member of a certain computer support forum for Windows.

As I visited one day, someone had started a thread dealing with an internet kill switch proposed by the United States government. I jumped in and in my indignation hastily posted a message along the lines of Microsoft being the first on the list or some such thing.

What I meant to convey by my posting was that Microsoft would be the first on the “kill switch “list because Windows is the most popular operating system platform on the market. Therefore effectively shutting down the majority of internet users.

My post was taken to mean that Microsoft would be the author of this “kill switch “, and this caused undue torment to members of this particular forum. As I tried to put my hastily posted message in proper context, I received a message that I was banned from the forum forever for posting “ useless content “ and that the ban would never be lifted.

This poor communication etiquette incident taught me that I should put myself in the reader’s shoes and try to see the post from their perspective. And to be as clear as possible as to the spirit of the communiqué. I have learned from this experience to not post anything in haste. If I should view my own writing as vague, it will certainly be open to interpretation to others. I find posting material that is carefully thought out will help to express my thoughts and meanings a lot more effectively and leave less room for interpretation.

By the way; I wasn't too terribly upset over being banned from this forum. It was a little too stuffy and narrow minded for me tastes. I did however learn a very important lesson from this simple miscommunication.     


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