What Different Views Of Database Are Provided In MS Access?


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Views don't determine the physical organization of data; rather they are actually just the ways in which a user looks at the database. Thus, view defines the visual organization of data.There are two types of table views provided by the MS Access as:

1. Design view
2. Datasheet view
In design view, we define the design of a database relation. This view is used to define the structure of relations. By using the design view you can specify that; what are the fields in the relation, what are their names, data types and some description about these fields. Primary key is specified in this view of database too. We can also change the structure of any existing relation.

This view represents the data in a table form that consists of rows and columns. This table form is also called a datasheet .we can easily enter, delete or modify the data of a relation very easily in datasheet view. The column names are displayed on the top of each column/field as described in design view. We can easily switch between these two views by choosing required view from the View menu.Normally, both of these views are used to define and manipulate a database.

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