How Can I Set Access Database Path To Crystal Report In


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Dear Naveedanj

I give you this code to help you and I hope it work .

Follow this and you will understand

access>>>>dataset>>>>>datatable>>>>>crystalreportdocument>>>>>crystal report>>>>crystal report viewer

this is the code

  s = "select * from emp_name where name='mohamed' "
  cm1.CommandText = s
  cm1.Connection = cn1
  r = cm1.ExecuteReader
  Dim da As OleDbDataAdapter = New OleDbDataAdapter
  da.SelectCommand = cm1
  da.Fill(ds1, s)
'''''''''''''''''''''''''''to this step we have fill the dataset with the required data''''''''''''
Dim Tb1 As DataTable = ds1.Tables(s)
'''''''''''''''''''''''''and now we have datatable with the required data''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
'''''''''''''''''''''''''now we have connect the crystalreportdocument1 with the datetable and load the crystal report to the crystalreportdocument1''''''''''''''''''''''
crystalreportviewer1.ReportSource = crystalreportdocument1
''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''now we tell the crystal report viewer that the report source is the crystalreportdocument1

accept my thanks and I hope you be in success

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