Discuss The Role Of Enzymes In Every Day Life?


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Enzymes help to build a new cells and new tissues as needed, and to remove waste required. They also are the key elements of immune system and body surveillance network, together with the immune cells and the mediators, they help to destroyed harmful elements, such as infections, pollution, carcinogens, and other noxious agents that develop within our bodies, either as a result of our own metabolism, or from exposure, ingestion, inhalation, administration, etc.

They eliminate early cancerous cells developing in the body.
They are essential for repairing damaged tissues, controlling excessive inflammation, inducting proper fluidity in our body which prevents abnormal coagulation, and many more functions. They performed their function as biocatalyst that are nit used up in their labor, but are able to break down the substrates required by the body (nutrients, trace elements, body proteins, damage tissues, etc.), and then use reuse the breakdown components as building blocks for all our needs.

The enzymes works as tireless, highly skilled workers on a conveyor belt, dismantling, controlling, protecting, destroying, eliminating, reassembling or performing what ever we need in order to exist day and night. After completing their mission and life spans, enzymes them selves age and are bodies. In good health, there is always a new supply of enzymes able and ready to keep on working.

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