What Is The Role Of Enzymes In Biotechnology?


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The field in which the scientists are trying to achieve success is called the biotechnology. There is a Prescientific Era. in which some biological processes were exploited with scarcely an idea of the mechanism behind them. Then comes the Early Scientific Era and in this early scientific era the first important principle of the biochemistry were discovered and during which a start was made on the conscious exploitation of biological transformation of materials.

The Biochemistry Era started when the industry recognized the limitless possibilities of the field of biotechnology which they developed and employed on an ever larger scale. And last but not the least comes the Genetic Engineering Era with the beginning of the genetic engineering and thereby the start of an age where it appears possible to train and tame the enzymes.

The bible already provides numerous examples of biotechnology. As it deals with the conversion of grapes to wine, of dough to bread and milk to cheese. Anyone who sits down to have a glass of wine, a slice of bread and piece of cheese is partaking of the longest known products of the deliberately applied biotechnology.

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