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A laboratory, or more colloquially known as a lab, is usually a room that provides the facilities to conduct experiments and scientific research. While the term 'laboratory' is usually applied to a scientific space, it can also be applied to a variety of different spaces where specialist equipment is used. These include:
- A camera or film laboratory, often known as a dark room
- A clandestine lab in known for producing illegal drugs
- A medical lab
- A media lab which will often contain cameras, computers and other digital media equipment
- A computer lab will exclusively house computers
Laboratories can be found in scientific industries, industries that develop and create new products and medical industries. Laboratories can be a suitable size for over 30 scientists to work together on separate or join projects but it could also be a very small space where only 1 or 2 people can work comfortably. They are also found in schools, colleges and universities where learning and experiments occur. Physics, biology and chemistry lessons will often be held in laboratories, even if an experiment is not being conducted as it sets the right atmosphere for students to learn.
It is becoming increasing common for the term 'lab' to be applied to different organizations and learning centers to highlight the fact that research is conducted in these places and to creative connotations with intelligence, science and forward thinking innovation.
Scientific laboratories will often hold similar peices of equipment depending on what they are being used to research. Some of these scientific pieces of equipment include:
- Work benches
- Counter tops
- Stools
- Storage cabinets
- Individual sinks for every person working in the lab
- A vacuum chamber
- Bunsen burners
- Computers
- A particle accelerator

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