What is your conclusion in laboratory apparatus?


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It is important to always use the various laboratory apparatus with care and precaution. If you aren't used to handling them, you should seek the advice of an experienced chemist or laboratory handler because you can seriously injure yourself. If you misuse the equipment, your experiments will provide you with the incorrect information and measurements as well.

• The most common laboratory equipment are made of glass, therefore are extremely fragile and breakable. The glass is important because it allows chemists to easily see what is going on inside them, so they should be handled with care. The glass equipment such as Bunsen burners, test tubes, and breakers are exposed to extreme heat and different experiments, making them more prone to breakage.
• Laboratory apparatus play an important role in science and education therefore should not be treated as toys. They are commonly found in school laboratories to provide students with basic chemistry education and experience, and today are one of the largest markets for laboratory equipment. They are also used in research laboratories although these feature more advanced and high end types of equipment.
• Each piece of equipment has a standard mode of operation which should be strictly followed, especially if you are a first-time user.
• The durability of laboratory equipment highly depends on its maintenance. Regular maintenance and repair services should be employed to ensure safety and functionality of each device.

The wide range of laboratory equipment available is each designed to serve a specific purpose. They are all important to scientists and researchers to carry out their work and experiments in the lab which help produce data that will be beneficial to the public. This is why we are given introductory courses the laboratory through chemistry and physics to introduce us to the basic uses and care of laboratory apparatus.
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