What Are Some Advantages Of Microcomputer-based Databases?


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Some Advantages of microcomputer-based databases are:
When users assume more responsibility for some of their own computing needs, the central staff is free to concentrate on other problems. The application backlog can be addressed, and technical issues that affect the entire organization can be studied.

As the organization shifts from the mainframe to microcomputers, the central system processing load is reduced. Without the shift, the processing load would inevitably increase, making upgrading of the central system necessary. The data models used by microcomputer database management system are simple, allowing users to design a database that matches their information needs exactly. Microcomputer data manipulation languages tend to be simple, so that users are able to perform the operations needed without extensive training. Hardware and software advances in the microcomputer field are so rapid that these systems are now capable of performance many of the functions of the mainframe database systems.

End users recognize that the microcomputer provides a solution to their immediate computing needs. Microcomputer systems are relatively inexpensive and require less technical expertise than do mainframe system. So that start-up is easy. The development of independent microcomputer based databases offers both advantages and limitations.

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