Could You Briefly Describe Angiosperms ?


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In contrast to gymnosperms the seeds of angiosperms are enclosed in fruits. Furthermore, unlike gymnosperms , they bear flowers as organs of reproduction. The angiosperms are the most diverse and abundant group of plants. All flower plants( trees, shrubs, crops), vegetables and other minor herbs that we generally see around us are angiosperms.

The leaves of angiospermic plants are usually broad and flat. Flowers may be unisexual or bisexual . In gymnosperms pollination is brought about only by wind, whereas in angiosperms both insects and wind may take part in pollination. So the chances of pollination in angiosperms are better than in the gymnosperms. This is " the reason of their success and abundance in nature. Angiosperms have been divided into two classes on the basis of their seed structure.
1) Dicotyledonous ( Dicots)
2) Monocotyledonous (Monocots)

Dicots have two cotyledons whereas monocots have only one cotyledon in their seeds.
The monocots include grass , wheat , rice maize, sugarcane and bamboo. In the Dicots are included such trees as sheesham and many fruit trees like almond, peach , apple, pear, plum and mango. Vegetables and other useful plants such as pea, lady finger , bean , cotton , sunflower and rose also belong to this group.

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