What Is An Example Of Angiosperms?


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Angiosperms can actually be fruits (ex.: Peaches, mangoes,  or any fruit that's seed is covered by fruit.) and can also be plants from which fruits comes from "flowering plants."  Another type are tulips and roses.

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An Angiosperm is a type of plant that flowers. They are the most common type of plants on land.
Here are a few examples of angiosperms that I came across:


If you want to read more about what are angiosperms and their characteristics, you may follow the following link:
Flowering Plants
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An example of an Angiosperm, would be that of a flowering plant, a daisey, rose, or any type of that kind of plant. The proper or scientific term of a flowering plant is Magnoliophyta. I hope this answers you question.
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Angiosperms means enclosed seeds inside the fruit.there r more than 2,50,000 different species of angiosperms occupying a very wide range of ecological habitat. So examples of angiosperms may be those plants that contain seeds inside the fruits.for example:-apple,mango,strawberry etc.
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Angiosperms are also known as flowering plants. They are widely found on the planet Earth and one reason of their diversity is that their seeds are enclosed which increases their protection. They are divided into eight groups (I am referring examples in the brackets) including, Amborella (e.g New Caledonia), Nymphaeales (water lilies), Austrobaileyales (many woody plants), Chloranthales (aromatic plants), Ceratophyllum (aquatic plants), Magnoliids (Balck pepper, magnolias etc.), Eudicots (sunflower, apple plant, oaks) and monocots (grasses, palms, orchids).

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Angiosperms are trees having broad leaves. Maple , birch, hawthorn, poplar, buckhthorn, willow, salix, populus, morus, crategus, catalpa, carya, alnus and juniperus are some example of angiosperm trees.

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