What Is The Price Of Aluminum Cans Per Pound In Minnesota?


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The price for aluminum cans per pound changes so much, not just in Minnesota but everywhere, that it is impossible to say what the price is   because it could be something completely different in no time at all.

Here are some numbers though, that may be of use; they are of some re-cycling centers who accept cans so if you give them a call they will be able to tell you what the price is on that day: Dakota County Eco-Site in Eagan, 651-905-4520; Kaplan's Metal Reduction in St Paul, 651-222-8551; and American Iron in North Minneapolis, 612-529-9221.

Apart from the benefits of receiving money for your aluminum cans, taking them to a recycling center is also an excellent way of helping the environment because of all the materials that can be recycled it is aluminum that saves the most energy. This is because making aluminum is a very energy intensive procedure; yet sending them to a secondary smelter to make new cans takes less than 95 per cent of the energy of the original procedure.

Nowadays it is possible to recycle lots of different materials, which has got to be good, but there are some materials that can be recycled that perhaps you would not expect. One of these is crayons. Broken, discarded and old crayons can all be recycled; you can find the details of this and other recycling options in Minnesota on this site: There is also information telling you where to send your crayons to, and the rewards that can get for doing so.

Sites like this one can be a real eye-opener because, although we all know about the importance of recycling, perhaps we are not fully aware of all of the things that can be kept out of the land-fill sites.
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You might have to crush them down for some recyclers to accept...(about 23 cents a pound)
or call them and ask the going rate for aluminum
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.34 cents in West Concord,MN
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I had 31 pounds of pop cans and only got 5 dollars and around 70 cents.
Its like 18 cents per pound not worth turning your cans now.

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