What Is The Current Price Per Pound Of Scrap Copper In Indianapolis,in?


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The price of scrap copper can change quite frequently and so the best thing to do is to head down to a scrap yard in Indianapolis and ask what their current rates are.

For a rough guide of prices at the moment it is worth heading to the following website:
Although not based in Indianapolis you should find that there is a national trend in prices and so they should be very similar to the prices you can expect to buy and sell scrap copper at in Indianapolis.

When searching for things such as scrap yards in your area it is always a good idea to use a website such as

You can find the complete list of scrap yards located in Indianapolis at:
Even if you have scrap copper to sell it is always worth heading to the scrap yard first without any and pretend you wish to buy some. This way you will find out how much they are selling scrap copper for and so you will know the value of yours. As if you went with the copper to sell they will of course offer you less money than what they sell it for in order for them to make a profit.

Copper prices are on the increase and so you need to keep the copper you may have somewhere safe to avoid any opportunist criminals targeting your stash. This type of crime is on the rise and so you need to be vigilant at all times.

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