How Modern Technology In Communication Helps Us?


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Technology Improves Communication, because without technology communication at this level, wouldn not exist. Many years ago, communication was resumed at sending letters, communicating through radio waves and military codes. Communication was poor and people had a hard time sending information, from one city to another. Since the appearance of phones, mobile phones and computers, we managed to create a global communication.
We are right to wonder How Does Technology Improve Communication. Well, technology is in a straight relationship with communication, they work together and they complete each other. For example through technology communication has reached a higher lever and through communication, technology started to develop. Communication is essential nowadays. It doesn't matter the type of communication we think about. We need to talk, to understand each other and there is more to communication that we know. For example communication has more layers like verbal, non verbal communication, formal, informal, passive, aggressive, passive aggressive. Technology includes all the inventions, that help us communicate and make our life more easy. Like for example computers, internet, cell phone telephony, laptops, Gps`s, satellites, cable etc.

In order to develop and evolve, we have to always reach for something better. There is a big difference if we compare society 30 years ago, and the society today. Nowadays, we have cars that run on energy, researches find new treatments for life threatening diseases etc. Technology is very important in a society because in order to increase as people as intelligence we have to always learn new things. A society a population like South African people, don`t know so many things as the Americans know. The difference between the two nations is obvious and this is only due to the speed to development America has.

Technology is very important and so is communication. Technology improves communication also because it makes people bond and keep old relationship or make new ones. Technology helps us talk at great distances, communicate online, talk with people from all the world in a virtual world . Communication is divided on many levels , and nowadays people are more outgoing, can make businesses more quickly and without any effort. Technology, helps us on any domain, any activity. Today, we are dependent on technology.

In the end, Technology Improves Communication through inventions and through new gadgets. Nowadays, communication on gadgets is essential. The newer the gadget the best the communication results. To lead a normal life, you have to adapt to the new technology and improve your communication, or else you will remain behind with all the latest things and you will remain alone. Society, people depend on technology and communication.

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