Discuss The Ecological, Medical And Economical Importance Of Bacteria?


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Ecological importance:
From ecological point of view, the bacteria are very important organisms. They are highly adaptable as a group. They are found nearly everywhere in water, soil, air dust, food, deep sea, plants, animals, swamps, hot springs, north and south poles. In addition to this they are also able to decompose organic matter. Ecological bacteria also play a significant role in the completion of cycles of nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and carbon.

Economic importance:
Bacteria are used commercially to produce chemicals such as ethyl alcohol, acetic acid and acetones. Bacterial action is also involved in the production of butter, cheese, rubber and cotton etc. They are also use in number of industries. Bacteria are also responsible for spoilage of food and vegetables. Many plant pathogens adversely affect the agriculture industry. Bacteria are common pathogens of humans.
Medical importance:
Bacteria are very common pathogens of humans. Approximately 200 species are known to cause disease in humans. Many bacteria normally inhibit the bodies of man and other animals. Many bacteria are use in the production of antibiotics.
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Bacteria are also important medically because they produce vitamins biotins and keep microbial balance in our bodies.
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Thanks a lot for this it has helped with my research
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Bacteria is very important for the economy in fertilizer the agriculture products and its having a wrong side which may leadsto some health disoder which is oftenly caused by these bacterial agent ... In my perception I think bacteria is sometimes useful or some time not
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Medical importance of micro-organisms
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I've also heard that bacteria is used as a fertilizer the agriculture products. Some companies that cultivate hemp use bacteria for a better quality, but I'm not sure if it's necessary. But to be honest, it doesn't matter to me much, all that important to me is the quality of a final product like cbd capsules or cbd oil, and I don't really care if any bacteria participated in growing.

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