How Does A Egg Form?


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The Oviduct- The Long Spiraling Tube
The oviduct is an organ inside a hens’ reproductive system. It is a long, spiraling tube that leads to a hens’ vent, the place where the egg is released from the hen. It is where we will start our day-long journey through the hen and find out what an egg really is.

The Yolk- Oocyte
When an egg forms inside a hen, it starts as a small yellow orb. The orb is formed before it is released into the oviduct. At this stage of growth, the yolk is an oocyte (oh-oh-site). This is where the real journey begins.

Fertilization- If You Don’t Want to Eat It
The oocyte is released into the oviduct. If the oocyte is met with a sperm, it becomes fertilized. If not, the egg goes on through the process. The blastodisc is a little white dot where the sperm enters the egg. After this stage, the blastodisc is called a blastoderm. The oocyte is has now been promoted to being the yolk.

The Egg White- Albumin & Vitelline Membrane
While the yolk is traveling the long, spinning journey through the oviduct, it is coated in a thicker, stronger substance called the vitalline membrane (the yolk membrane).  When we cook an egg, the vitalline membrane is what prevents the yolk from popping. Post to the vitalline membrane, the yolk is covered in structural fibers and thick albumin (egg white). Immediately after the thick albumin is added, thin albumin is supplemented. The part of the oviduct that this happens in is called the magnus.

The Chalazae
As the egg (still lacking shell) travels deeper into the oviduct, it is continually rotating, causing the structural fibers to twist and twist. The more the egg twists, the more ropelike the fibers get. The fibers are pulled to the top and bottom of the yolk. Soon, the fibers secure themselves to the thick albumin and the yolk, securing the yolk in place. These ‘ropes’ are called chalazae.

Eggshell- the Egg in Shining Armor
The egg is nearing the vent. While the egg is rotating in the lower part of the oviduct, an evenly distributed layer of calcite (a crystalline form of calcium carbonate) is wrapped around the egg. The calcite is the shell. The egg is now ready to exit the hen. When it is done, the vent opens, and the hen lets the egg out. The entire process through the oviduct (from the oocyte to the calcite) takes about one (1) day. target="_blank" rel="external"> got all my facts from these two sights... I hope this helped!!!

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