What Would Be The Likely Consequences Of World Wide Average Temperatures Rising By Three Degrees?


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Well, the temperature on average has already risin about 5 degrees and we are already seeing what difference it is making. The polar ice caps are melting at an unbelievable rate, I kid you not, it used to be a trickle, now more like a river, huge chunks of ice are falling into the ocean, causing them to cool and not be able to heat up when flowing back north. This is causing longer winters in the north, hotter summers, and it is isane weather, more prominent difference if you live further north. Polar bears are loosing their natural habitat and food supply. They say that due to the warming and all of the ice falling and melting, water levels will rise, the cold air from the ocean combined with heat is causing more severe weather. We never used to get tornadoes here, now they seem to be a normal event every year. As well, may cause ice age along the coasts. Look as japan and the huge snow storm they had a few years back, this was unheard of. They say may cause second ice age to to flash freeze from ocean temperature dropping, and why, because climate is rising and melting ice caps

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