What Is The Importance Of Discipline In Life?


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Extremely important! Without self discipline you wont finish that assignment,brush your teeth regular,look for that job,take out the garbage. make others obedient with discipline ,especially children ,is teaching them ,routine,not to be lazy,goal achieving, often met by much refusal,whining and arguing.
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Discipline is SO important. You are teaching your child how live in the society that we have created. It's full of rules and boundaries. Discipline will not only help them adjust when they are on there own but will teach them how to survive.

There must also be consequences for actions that occur. When my son was a baby and reached for something hot a quick slap on the hand would teach him it was something that doesnt get touched. Without consequences to our actions we would have anarchy.
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Ho oh ho oh ho oh oh ho.if I would have been disciplined I wouldn't have talked such you see that discipline is very important in life

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