What Is The Importance Of English In Professional Life?


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English is not just important, it is critical to the Corporate and the world at large because it is the #1 language in the world that most human beings communicate in. For good jobs anywhere in the world (especially if they deal with foreign companies or tourists) you need English. Even Diplomats
around the world are usually required to know some English, to communicate with the rest of humanity.
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English is very important in our professional life as we improve our english speaking and in our  place we have a great level of thinking...
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The study of English, including grammar and literature, empowers people to read clearly, speak articulately, write clearly, thus becoming CRITICAL, CLEAR and INDEPENDENT thinkers. If we do not have a democracy of independent thinkers, our nation will not survive -- and I don't think that is overstating the case for the importance of English today.
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Actually in our modern life , without English language nothing. I mean to say English in fundamental & mandatory in professionalism
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Importance of English in life: Today no area of life is untouched by English. Be it communication in daily life, ascending the career graph, communicating in mass media, higher education, and no end. Our international relations are dependent on it. Our perceptions of people are dependent on the use of English.

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