What Is The Current Price Per Pound For Scrap Irom In Alabama?


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Have a look at this site; it will give the prices for all kinds of scrap metals throughout North America, including Alabama: You simply click onto your state and you will be given a directory of places where you can either buy or sell your scrap iron.

People go onto this site to list either what it is they have on offer or what is that they want, and in both instances the price that they are prepared to buy and sell for. Currently on this site, there is someone looking for scrap steel or iron and is prepared to pay $210 a metric tonne (MT). This equates to 2 204.62262 pounds, which makes the price of scrap iron in Alabama $0.95 a pound.

Naturally, the amount of money that you can expect to get for your scrap iron very much depends on the type of iron that you have. Other factors are also taken into consideration like its thickness and quality. For example, the pricing structure is different between the following types of iron: Basic pig iron; ductile pig iron; five foot plate; structural scrap; shredded scrap; and machine shop turnings, with pig iron getting the highest prices and machine shop turnings getting the lowest.

World production of iron is in excess of 700 million metric tonnes every year. To make it into steel, small amounts of carbon are added to the iron. Stainless steel is the result of also adding chromium, and sometimes nickel.

Interestingly, the human body circulates around four grams of iron within hemoglobin in the blood. If we do not eat enough foods with iron in them, like certain meats and vegetables (don’t go munching on an iron bar!) anemia can develop, which can result in serious illness.
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I visited Alabama 65 and brought 1 pound of Scrap iron... It cost me around 3 rupees. If thats any help :)

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