What Is The Relation Between Agriculture And Industry?


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Agriculture and industry are not competitor, but go together for the development of a country. In poor countries large number of population gets employment in agricultural sector, mean while it also provides raw material for industrial development, for agriculture based companies. Due to development in agricultural sector demand for industrial goods increases, saving increases and government revenue also increases. It also provides foreign currency, export and import become improved, so due to these reasons the period of industrial development begins.

When agricultural development is initiated, it results in increasing the productivity and efficiency. Such that when agricultural surplus is produced there is an increase in contribution of agricultural-sector in income distribution. As the income of farmer's increases the government revenue also increases, this increases in farmer's income also leads to saving which can be increased more than before, these agricultural saving create demand in industrial market. So that industrial sector also increase its production and begin to develop.

As the productivity in import of agricultural products increase in agricultural sector there is an increase in export products by this foreign income can be earned, in this manner when production of food crop, increase in agricultural sector, there is a reduction in import for food products. This will save foreign reserves. This saving can be used to import heavy machinery for industrial development.
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There are more than a few branches of equipment and commerce specialized for industrial relevance. This includes exact models, patented inventions and craft skills. They are automation, industrial structural design, industrial android, industrial plan, industrial procedure, industrial arts and industrial applicability. An industrial civilization is able to be defined in a lot of ways. Today, industry is an significant part of the majority societies and nations. A administration must have some kind of industrial guidelines, regulating industrial situation, industrial smog, financing and industrial work hard.

Agriculture (encompasses unindustrialized, ranching, and the treatment of orchards and vineyards) is the manufacture of foodstuff, feed, strand, fuel and extra goods by the methodical raising of plants and animals. The phrase "agricultural" covers the broad spectrum of undeveloped practices. On one end of the spectrum is the survival farmer, who farms a small area with limited resource inputs, and produces merely sufficient food to get together the needs of his/her family. At the other end is commercial intensive agriculture, as well as industrial agriculture. Such unindustrialized involves big fields and/or numbers of animals, large reserve inputs (pesticides, fertilizers, etc.), and a high level of automation. These operations generally try to maximize fiscal income from grain, manufacture, or farm animals.

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