Describe About The Role Of Lime (CaO) In Industry And Agriculture?


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Lime (CaO) is a soft white compound, which is obtained by the thermal decomposition of Calcium carbonate. Large quantity of calcium oxide is used in agriculture for neutralizing acid soils and for preparing sprays. Calcium oxide is used in large amount for making lime sulphur sprays, which have a strong fungicidal action. The hydroxide of calcium is obtained when the oxide of calcium is allowed to react with water. The process is called slaking of lime. Calcium is necessary for normal leave development.
An adequate supply of calcium is also essential for the optimum activity of microorganisms that produce nitrates. When a deficiency of calcium exist various substances such as aluminum and manganese may accumulate in plants in harmful concentrations. Large quantity of lime is use in the extraction and refining of metals.
Lime is also used in paper industry. Lime is used in ceramic industry for producing different types of sanitary materials. Lime is also used in refining of sugar and other food products. A suspension of the calcium hydroxide is called milk of lime and is used as white wash.
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My neighbor sprinkled "lime" on his lawn to stop a flea infestation. My wife worries that it will damage our trees whose roots underlie the treated area. We have very alkaline soil. Carroll

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