What Is The Importance Of Microbiology In Industry And Agriculture?


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The use of microbiology in Industry and Agriculture is known as biotechnology or industrial microbiology. It has a various applications in both these sectors. In the Industrial sector, especially in chemical manufacturing, microbiology is used to make ethanol, acetone, perfumes and enzymes. Furthermore microbiology is used to produce pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics, vaccines and steroids.

In agricultural terms, microbiology is used to produce bacteria that can be used as a specific insecticide which is superior to ordinary pesticides because it is environmentally friendly. The use of microbiology in this way means crops can be protected without causing any negative effects on humans, wildlife, pollinators and other beneficial insects.

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Micro-organisms is very important to agriculture, micro-organisms break down plant, so that the soil more fertile.

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The discussion on the role of microbes in human welfare may be divided under two headings - good and bad. Microbes as we know are capable of both good and bad as for as human life is concerned. We will now list both the harm and benefit by microbes and then let us draw a conclusion as to how microbiology has helped us to control or kill the bad microbes and make maximum use of good microbes.

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