How To Write The Scope And Limitations Of A Thesis?


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The Thesis is designed to narrow the focus of the paper.

  • Definition of Thesis

A thesis is a sentence or two that will narrow the focus of the paper down to the main topics, so that the reader understands what is being said in the paper or what question may be answered.

A thesis paper will still have a thesis, but it may also have a section with scope and limitations mentioned in order to show how the actual thesis statement has been answered.

  • Scope
The scope is going to tell a person exactly what is being discussed in the paper. It will provide parameters for what will be talked about and what will not be talked about. This is where some of the limitations come in since one has to eliminate what is not part of the "scope" of the paper. It should be an elaborate section that fulfills every question one might have in what the paper will discuss. You may want to break it down to specific categories based on the topic of the paper.

  • Limitations
This can be its own section and should be right after the scope. The limitations are going to discuss the drawbacks to the scope and the method the paper uses to discuss the topic. The thesis statement will in part help determine what limitations there are. The method one chooses to elaborate on the thesis statement will also provide some of the limitations. The scope is also limited to what is being addressed and what is not, so there are limitations placed on the scope. It is imperative that one mention what could be discussed and what is being left out due to time, research or other issues,thus creating the limitations on the actual thesis statement.

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