How To Write A Scope And Limitation Of The Study?


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As with all research, how you should write depends very much on what you are writing about.  To use a simplistic example, studies into probability can tell us the likelihood of some events as well as certain facts.  If a coin is flipped once and it comes out as heads there is, in theory, no greater chance that on the next flip it will be tails so you could write ’the probability of the coin coming out tails on the second flip is unaffected by the previous flip.

This would be part of the scope of your study (of probability).  What probability cannot tell us is the certainty of the second flip.  Therefore you could add to the above line on probability ’However, whether it actually will come out as tails is only probable not definite’.  The scope of any study is what the study can tell us, while the limitation is related information that the study can’t tell us. 

It is worth noting however that when writing a scope, it is generally best to avoid mentioning limitations.  For example ’the study can tell us X and Y’ or at the very most ’the study can tell us X and Y with an accuracy of Z’, implying but not directly mentioning a limitation.  Whereas a limitation might mention what can be done in relation to what cannot be done for example ’While the experiment can tell us A, it cannot as yet tell us X’.

As with many studies you may also have to explain the reasoning behind your proposed scope and limitation, why your study can tell the reader what it can and why it can’t tell the read what it can’t. As aforementioned it depends on the nature of your study and your findings.
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The scope is the state of the environment in which a situation exists, and the limitation is a principle that limits the extent of something.
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It includes the methodology of the study and problems encountered by the researchers in the study.
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Impact of inflation on financial reporting.

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