What Is Cognitive Framework In Organization?


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The cognitive approach to human behavior has many sources of input. However, than the other said simply that the cognitive approach gives people more credit than the other approaches. The cognitive approach emphasizes the positive and freewill aspect of human behavior and uses concepts such as expectancy, demand, and intention. Cognitive, which is the basic unit of the cognitive framework, can be defined as the act of knowing an item of information.

Under this framework, cognitions precede behavior and constitute input into the person's thinking, perception, problem solving, and information processing. Concepts such as cognitive maps can be used as pictures or visual aids in comprehending a person understands of particular, and selective, elements of the thoughts of an individual, group or organization. Although dolman believed behavior to be the appropriate unit of analysis, he felt that behavior is purposive, that it is directed toward a goal. In his laboratory experiments, he found that animals learned to expect that certain events follow one another.

For example, animals learned to behave as if they expect food when a certain cue appeared. Thus, dolman believed that learning consists of the expectancy that a particular event will lead to a particular consequence. This cognitive concept of expectancy implies that the organism is thinking about, or is conscious or aware of, the goal

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