What Do You Understand By Communication Barrier? Discuss The Three Communication Barriers In An Organization In Detail.


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Barriers of effective communication
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Communication barriers:
It refers to the any interference in the environment of communication that hinders the smooth sending and receiving of information. There are multiples of communication barriers that exist in an organization. However following three are explained only:
1) General faults in communication:
It may take different forms such as:
• Distortion or omission of information by the sender.
• Misunderstanding due to lack of clarity or technical jargon.
• Non-verbal signals such as gesture posture and facial expressions.
• Overload of information.
• Differences in social, racial or educational background.
• People hearing what they want to hear.
2) Particular difficulties in work situation:
It also varies situation to situation. The few are described below:
• A general tendency to distrust a message in its retelling from one person to another.
• A subordinate mistrusting his superior and looking for hidden meanings in the message.
• People from different job or specialist backgrounds having difficulty in talking on a non-specialist's wavelength.
3) Difference in Social, racial and educational background:
Different social and/or educational backgrounds may cause some people to feel superior to other people. A young person might be resented by an older person of the same grade or status in the organization.
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Noise can be a barrier originating within the source of the message.
Noise can be a barrier originating within the reciever of the message.
Noise can be a barrier originating outside the source and reciever of the message.
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You are an executive in a laundry processing plant and you need to get some new company policy information to one of your plant workers.  In the structure of the plant, there is a supervisor that this employee reports directly to, and that supervisor then reports directly to you.
However, a communication barrier exists in this situation.  The employee you need to get the new company policy information to cannot read.
For this assignment, what choices do you have, as an executive, to get this information successfully to that employee?
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In library there are many communation barrior for example non prfessional dos,t understand professional message it create many barrior in library.
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When complex factor in the communication pose barriers to effective communication that is "Exchange of information between people, it occur when one person understand the meaning of the message send by another person and respond to it." Through an individual barrier include perceptual biases and origination barrier such as organization culture and structure, status difference and time.
Organization has following communication barrier.

1.Organization Culture:
Organization culture difference can be big barrier to affect Culture difference can influence active listening because it is a good way to minimize individual and organization barrier to effective communication. In active listening receiver and sender of message play important role.
Message need to provide feedback to employee to supply and customer about various matters. Feedback should be a positive

Feedback also play effective role in communication
Barrier. People can exchange information easily. Manager need to provide feedback to employee about their job performance, they also give feedback to supplier and customer about various matters.

Time play import role as a communication barrier in the space also need to be solve for communication.
Time availability provides better opportunity to attain
organization goals.
Status Difference:
Individual personal behavior is essential effective role in communication barrier.
Language is vital role communication, the meaning of words are not in the words; they are in us.
When people feel that they are being threatened, they tend to react in ways that reduce their ability to achieve mutual understanding.
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There can be various reasons for communication barriers in an organization; an ideal organization has three type of communications. 1) top down, 2) down top, 3) horizontal.

Let's discuss in detail about these three types of different communications flows present in every organization.

Top down communications represents the communication or orders floating from the Top management of the company towards the working peers under them, the barrier in this case can be that the lowest level of people might never have the chance to communicate with the top management.

Down top communication is very essential especially in sales and customer services or market research activities, here the management rely on the feed back from the lowest level workers who are directly coordinating of performing the tasks assigned to them.

Horizontal communication is the level which is present between two people working at the same level in an organization; the barrier can be that professional jealousy or secrecy amongst the two or more individuals.

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