What Is My Role In Caring For The Environment ?


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The care of environment starts from the individual level. To say that environment is not effected by a single person is a wrong thing. To care the environment, you first need to maintain your self discipline. This is the most important thing which effects the environment. Cleanness is another very important factor in the care of the environment.

If you have a habit to remain dirty then you are giving negative impact on the environment. Also it is seen in the third world countries that people in those countries do not care about proper disposal of their home garbage which makes the environment poor. Another important thing is to put the things on their right places helps to keep the environment better. For example if you see a piece of paper or thing like it on the road then you should pick it up and throw it to the garbage. Throwing the things here and there also gives negative impact on the environment.

Trees are very important in the environment of any place. The greenish place make us feel relax and fresh. So try to make the plantation as much as possible to get the environment better and healthy.

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