What Is The Student's Role In Environment Protection?


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Everyone has a responsibility to protect the environment, but students are in a unique position to do so, because they are the future of our planet.

If students can learn to respect and look after our planet, then this will ensure a healthier and more sustainable future.

What have students got to do with environmental protection?

Students are really important to environmental protection, and I think this comes down to several things:

Firstly, students are still bright-eyed and enthusiastic. They haven't been worn down by the hardships and realities of life in the same way as an old man like me.

This optimism and energy is vital in spurring on the environmental protection movement.

Although all sorts of people get involved in eco-activism (the cause is dear to people across various demographics) there's no denying that students and young people are a big part of the buzz that surrounds environmental protection campaigns.

Students are also our future. They are the doctors, lawyers, politicians and professionals of tomorrow. In some ways, the fate of the planet and the environment rests on them taking a more responsible approach than did previous generations.
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I think that it is not only the responsible of students to save the environment it is the responsible of all.

People are the vital role of saving the environnment.

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I think everyone has a role to play in saving the planet earth. There is a need to preserve our natural resources.

Every day we are utilizing the resources and polluting the environment. Simple things we can start at home to save water and energy include: Take shorter showers, direct grey water to garden, fix leaky faucets and sprinkles, wash full loads of laundry, dishes etc.

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