What Are Alloys ?How And Why Are They Prepared ?


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A solid solution of two or more metals or metals and a non-metal is called an alloy. It is a homogenous mixture of two or more metals. Some alloys also contain carbon and silicon. The physical properties of alloys are generally different from their component elements.
Preparations Of alloys :
An alloy is usually prepared by melting the component element together and solidifying the mixture . The components of an alloy must be soluble in each other in the molten state. The percentage composition of the component elements may vary according to the quality of alloy desired. The component elements do not undergo any chemical changes during the process of alloying.

During preparation of alloys, following objects must be in view:
1) To modify color, e.g the color of copper is changed by additions of tin in varabile amounts.
2) To increase the elasticity , tensile strength and toughness.
3) To get good castings.
4) To modify electrical properties. The magnetic properties of alloys are different from their component elements.
5) To modify chemical reactivity. The chemical reactivity may increase or decrease by alloying . Alloys are more stable and are less affected by air and water.
6) To make metal more resistant to corrosion.
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A Metal alloy is made by melting one metal (for example: Iron(Fe)) and adding in the other metals/elements (Chromium(Cr)and Carbon(C) to make stainless steel)
This process is known as alloyization(WARNING THIS NAME IS FROM WIKIPEDIA AND MAY NOT BE ACCURATE)Thanks for Reading

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Traditional wheels like steel or iron have a tendency to get rusty quickly. To get rid from this problem alloy wheels came into existence that are made of alloy metal (usually compound of magnesium & aluminum). Alloy is very dense, strong but surprisingly a light weight metal witch highly resistive against rust. Its light weight allows the driver to have control over the car. This is the reason traditional wheels are about to collapse out from market and alloy wheels are talking their place rapidly.  

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Are two metals mixed together alloys a used to make some skyscrapers e.g. The cheese grater in london .

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