What Is Thermite Process And What Are Alloys And Its Properties?


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In thermite process oxides of different metals are heated with aluminium which is very good reducing agent and reacts with oxygen readily. For example, iron oxide is reduced to iron if reacted with aluminium powder. A large amount of heat is evolved in this reaction which melts the iron metal produced. The molten iron obtained in this process, can be used for welding purpose but now it has been replaced by electrical welding. This process is used to prepare heat producing incendiary bombs. Thermite process is also used to extract metals from their oxides, especially manganese, chromium are extracted in this way.

We know that every metal has some specific properties e.g. aluminium is a light metal and iron is strong and flexible. Copper is a good conductor and silver shows high reflection. Similarly every metal has some draw backs as well e.g. iron corrodes, aluminium is weak, copper is less flexible and silver is costly. Taking the benefit of these properties of different metals these are mixed in suitable ratios to get better products which are called alloys. As alloys are prepared according to the requirements, their characteristics are different, yet few properties are common

Alloys are comparatively cheap. They are strong and flexible but hard alloys can also be prepared. They have long life because they do not corrode. They are better conductor but non-conductor alloys are also prepared.

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