How Are The Atoms Of Zinc And Copper In Alloy Held Together?


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Brass is the term which is commonly used to define the alloys of copper and zinc. The proportion of zinc and that of copper are variable in each variety of brass. Each variety of brass has its own unique properties. An alloy of copper and tin is known as bronze. Despite the distinction between the two alloys, namely brass and bronze, some varieties of brass are also commonly known as bronze.

The atoms of zinc and copper in a brass alloy are held together by the metallic bonding. The term metallic bonding is defined as the bonding of the atoms within metals. Metallic bonding involves the delocalised sharing of the free electrons within a lattice of atoms of a metal. Thus metallic bonds are often compared to molten salts. The term metallic bonding is basically defined as the electrostatic attraction between the metal atoms or ions and the delocalised electrons.

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