What Is The Difference Between Comet, Meteor And Meteorite?


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A comet is a celestial body which is near earth but not in it's atmosphere, meteors are comets which have emitted a "tail"from the heat of the sun, the tail consists of dust which float off to become meteors. If a meteor does not vaporize completely in the Earth's atmosphere and crashes to Earth, it is called a meteorite
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First talking about the comet, they are small irregular shaped bodies which consist of frozen gases. They have a diverse structure. They have developed a cloud shaped structure around them which is known as Coma. It consists of three parts .First part is known as nucleus or it is often called as head. It is completely made up of ice and some particles of debris .

Different kinds of gases surrounding it, and then another part is tail which is made up of dusty particles and may be its length is like in millions of kilometers. They travel around the sun and at first approaches head then leaving there tails first.

Meteorite is a piece of iron or rock which falls on earth from space. Meteorites are much bigger in size then meteor .They are of different sizes and shapes. The largest ever meteorite ever discovered was in 1920 in South Africa. Its estimated weighs about 50 tons. They do not burn completely when they enter the atmosphere. It measure 2.75 (9 feet) by 2.43 meters. Whereas meteors are small particles of comets and they burn up completely when they entered in to the earth's atmosphere. We can observe meteors at the night sky and they are often called as shooting stars

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