How Do We Get Energy From Biomass And Waste Products?


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Biomass is a potential source of renewable energy. This includes all the organic materials such as crop residue, natural vegetation, trees, animal dung and sewage. Biomass energy or bio conservations refers to the use of this material as fuel or its conservation into fuels. There are two methods used for the conservation of biomass into fuels. But the most common are DIRECT COMBUSTON and FERMENTATION.

Direct combustion method is usually applied to get energy from waste products commonly known as solid waste. Biofuel such as ethanol is a replacement of gasoline. It is obtained by fermentation of biomass using enzymes and by decomposition through bacterial action in absence of air. The waste material of the process is a good organic fertilizer. Thus, production of biogas provides us energy source and also solves the problem of organic waste disposal

Energy from waste Products:-Waste products like wood waste, crop residue, and particularly municipal solid waste can be used to get energy by direct conversion. It is probably the most commonly used conversion process in which waste material is burnt in a confined container. Heat production in this way is directly utilized in the boiler to produce steam that can run turbine generator.
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It's all in the gases, my good man! Decomposition or the process of decay, I've got to say, gets it done! Fire up the Barbie, Mate!

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