Who Are The Foreign And Filipino Scientist And Their Contribution?


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Science in general is the study of the world around us. Everything from the way the human body works to distance between planets has come under the scrutiny of science at one point or another, and scientists aim to discover as much as they can about the things we see every day.

The contributions of scientists revolve around not only increasing our understanding of the world, but making it an easier and better place to live in. For example, science has produced cures to a huge number of diseases that would otherwise have killed millions of people. Scientific advances in medicine have helped people recover from debilitating injuries, and the inventions of things like exo-skeletal robotic legs have meant an improved quality of life for disabled people.

Science has made significant advances in technology in recent years, creating a 'smaller world' by enabling global communications and information transfer through telephones, and more recently the internet. It could be argued that the internet is the most significant invention in human history, and it is the brainchild of Tim Berners-Lee, an American scientist. His contribution has made it easy for people to keep in touch at a distance, for businesses to trade globally, for police forces to co-operate and prevent crime and for life-saving information to be accessed almost anywhere worldwide.

Jose Rodriguez is a notable Filipino scientist due to his work on leprosy. He devoted most of his life to studying the disease and introducing measures to control it. Today, many of his papers are the basis for a lot of information on leprosy, and his contributions to science helped slow the disease to a point where it is no longer a worldwide threat.
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The names of filipino and foriegn scientist and thier contribution in the field of science

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