What Size Air Impact Wrench Do I Need To Remove Lug Nuts?


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Bill G answered
On cars and 1/2 ton pickups and SUV's , a 1/2 " drive impact gun should be more than sufficient for lug nut removal. This is considering that you have 90 PSI coming out of your air compressor regulator and not too many restrictions on the airflow throughout the delivery of air to the impact gun.

A cheesy flowing regulator, filter or water trap, internally damaged air hoses, hose leaks, an excessive length of hose ,or ANYTHING else that cuts down on the air-tool manufacturers minimum recommended CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) delivery of 90 PSI airflow ( industry standard pressure) will cause weak impact power and performance.

If dealing with 3/4 or 1 ton trucks or vans , a 3/4" drive impact will possibly/probably be needed, along with upgrading to larger diameter air hoses, hose couplers,and possibly a new, larger pressure regulator on your compressor to keep up with higher flow demands of the bigger tool.
Oil the tool as required, and feed it clean, DRY air or someday you'll be sorry ! BILL G
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larry cook answered
Most of the time a 1/2 in is used just when you put the lugs back on use a lug wrench so you don't over tighten them

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