How To Split A Lug Nut?


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Tire stores have a special tool that they POUND onto your lug nut and then use it to turn it off. They use it for specialy keyed lug nuts (sounds like that is what you actualy have) that are installed as anti theft. If they are "star" then they could be a big Torx.... Go to your local good auto parts store and ask them to help you get the right tool .
Or if they are specialy keyed ones then get them removed at a tire shop and replace them with ones you DO have the proper key/tools for. You can use this Bill splitter through which you can easily came to know split the bill and all the bill amount among the given number of people.

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The easy way: Go to Sears and ask for a nut splitter, about $20. You put this thing on the nut and turn its screw with a wrench.

The hard way: Get a good, sharp chisel, one about 1/4" wide. Now use a hammer (bang on the chisel) to cut into the nut. Make sure you only use the chisel/hammer in a direction along the axis of the nut/stud. If you hammer on it from the side you will break/bend the stud.

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