What Is The Different Between Database And File Based System?


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Well both of these things are related to the record keeping of any organization.
The file based system was the old method for keeping a record of any organization. In this all the records are saved in general pages registers. And there are many people for handling these records. There were bundles of registers, in which records of many people are stored either, the medical record, police record, income tax record. There was not any computer involved in it.

But later on, with the advancement of Information Technology, computer has taken the place of many record keepers. Via data base we mean that a computer programmer create a program or database in which records of thousand and millions of users can be stored in a single computer, and via one click we can access the record of a particular person. There is no need for finding many registers. A database program for record keeping is installed on a single computer for an organization and only one operator can deal with this millions of records.

Its simple example is telephone directory, in previous times the numbers of many users was stored on files and finding them takes so much time, but via the database advancement only via one click you can access a person number and address in a second.

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