What Are The Similarities Between Database And File Based System?


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File based database systems such as MS Access work by allowing the client to interrogate the database files for example when you issue a command to select all customers from a table called customer and let's say you want them sorted by last name, the client which may be a window or web application will be in charge of pulling the data including doing all the sorting which happens on the client machine (web/windows application in this case). As you can see this creates a high traffic on networks because the database lacks the brain to do some of the work before passing on the data to the client.

Database systems such as MS SQL, does most of the work on the server before passing on the results of customers required, sorting is performed on the server. In addition, the database runs its own logic to work out the fastest way to return the data back to the client.

The similarities are:
Database schema may be similar (Primary keys, foreign keys and indexes etc)
SQL (Structures query language is also similar in a way)
Referential integrity is also similar to a great extend)

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