What Is A Difference Between A Glacier And An Iceberg?


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Glacier are huge mass of moving ice .glaciers are formed on the high mountains and on high latitudes .the reason fro forming on the high altitude is, because the rate of snowfall is much higher than the melting rate of snow on the hilly and mountainous regions. There are four types of glaciers which are alpine, piedmont, icecap and continental .they formed according to the topography and climatic regions.

Icebergs are masses of fresh water ice or that's broken from glaciers or from the huge slab of permanent ice which floats on water, oceans or in lakes. The reason of ice floating is that it is less dense then the water. Iceberg can be so large. The largest iceberg ever observed was 335 kilometers long and 97 kilometers wide, which is the size of Belgium. They are of different sizes and shapes depending on the area of origin and their age. They exist in different forms as rounded, irregular and tabular in form. Icebergs were first known by mariners and explorer, sealer who hunted their prey in arctic and Antarctic water. From the beginning of 20th century now it's used as a plat form for scientific researchers.
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A glacier is like The Mother Ship and an iceberg is like the space fighters that fly from her. In other words the glacier is a huge mass of stationary ice and snow where an iceberg breaks off and floats off to sea

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