What Is The Difference Between A Desert And An Oasis?


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Will Martin answered
A desert is an area with very little rainfall or snow, which as a result becomes very dry, and any animals or plants that live in a desert have to develop special characteristics in order to survive with little water.

An oasis is an area within a desert where there is more vegetation and other life, usually because there is a spring or other natural water source. You can find more information about deserts here.
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Pearl Norcross answered
I think the major difference between a desert and an oasis is the quantity of water is a specific location. A desert has a little water over a large area from time to time and is dry from time to time, while an oasis is where water gathers in the desert at one specific location and is available for use most of the time. I'd sure rather be stranded at an oasis than in the desert!
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A desert is a vast ocean of sand and an oasis is a tiny island of greenery and water found within it.

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