What Are The Examples Of Special Purpose Computer?


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A special purpose computer is designed to perform a specific function for a specific company, department or purpose. An example of a special purpose computer would be a custom system designed and configured for use in the military; this special purposes computer would have capabilities related to tracking military strategy, supply and services and personnel.

Such a computer system would also likely have custom software that is created specifically for use on the computer system. Obviously, creating special purpose computers is very expensive, and it can be time-consuming. Sometimes, a company or person will outsource the task of creating a special purposes computer.

Other Examples

• The government may create special purpose computers for specific government personnel - for example, the president of a country may have his own, high-security terminal that is designed to read his hand print, fingerprint or eye. Extra security capabilities will be built into the system, which may be a laptop or stand-alone unit.

• Private citizens with knowledge of how to build computers may make their own systems, so that they can choose exactly which components will be included. Examples of these systems would be ultra-fast systems designed for competitive video gaming and online gaming. Many people play video games to win cash prizes, and they need extremely competitive systems, or they will have no chance at victory. Very often, the best way to win at these tournaments is to combine video game skill with a lightning-fast, tricked-out special purpose computer. 

Special purpose computers are never mass-produced; however, they may become prototypes for an eventual line of mass-produced pieces, which may feature cheaper components or other changes that make them appropriate for the marketplace. Computer geniuses, such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, created many special purpose computers to use as prototypes for their Microsoft and Apple products.
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Automatic Teller Machines (ATM),
Pocket calculators,
Computers that operate lifts.
Traffic light control computer systems
NB: Most analog computers like thermometers are also special purpose computers.
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