What are examples of specialized roots?


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In plants that are of a vascular nature, the root is the organ of the plant that usually lies below the surface of the soil the plant is resting on, as a means of acquiring moisture and nutrients and moisture essential to the plants survival from the surrounding earth. This is not always the case however, and plants can also have their roots above ground or in some cases for water dwelling plants, above the water. There are many types of 'specialized roots'. Here are examples of 5 specialized roots:

  • Adventitious roots
  • Coarse roots
  • Fine roots
  • Propagative roots
  • Surface roots
Adventitious roots are found to arise out of sequence from the usual formation of roots and the branches of a primary root. Instead, the branches originate from the stem, leaves, branches, or old woody roots. They appear in plants such as clover, strawberry, willow, and ivy, which are known as dicot plants scientifically. Most, if not all, stilt roots and aerial roots are adventitious. In a lot of conifers, this form of root system can form the largest part of the plant.

Roots that have undergone secondary thickening and have a woody structure are known as Coarse roots. They have some ability to absorb water and nutrients, but the main function of their existence is to transport and provide a structure to connect the smaller diameter, finer roots to the rest of the plant.

Fine roots. There primary roots are usually <2mm in diameter and have the function of water and nutrient uptake. Often, they are heavily branched and support mycorrhizas. They may be short lived as roots, but are replaced by the plant in an ongoing process of so-called root 'turnover'.

Propagative roots are roots that form adventitious buds, which then develop into aboveground shoots, termed 'suckers', which form new plants such as Canada thistle, cherry and many others.

Surface roots are the roots that proliferate close below the soil surface. They exploiting water and easily available nutrients. Where conditions are close to optimum in the surface layers of soil, the growth of surface roots is encouraged and they commonly become the dominant roots.
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Specialized roots are those roots perform special function other than  the typical roots.These are food storage,propagation roots,prop roots,aerial roots or photosynthetic roots,buttress.
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Specialized roots are for special proposes like , climbing , supporting etc

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