When Is Rainy Season In Hawaii?


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The weather of Hawaii is always beautiful because of the normal degrees of temperature. This is just like a paradise on earth and this is why a large number of tourists try to have a visit of this dazzling state. As far as its climate is concerned; this is always endearing and appealing. The climate exhibit drier properties in summer while in winter it has different kind of season. The summer season starts in May and the last month of this season is October while wintry weather starts from November and it remains till March. The ratio of rain is very less in summer season while this ratio is greater in winter season and this is why the winter season is considered as rainy season.

But this is the fact that as it has a tropical climate so there is always a possibility of rain in any of the region of this state. The rains in winter season are more frequent and longer than the rains in normal or summer season and the chances of the winds are also greater in this season.
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Depends on which island and which side of the island.  In Kona, winter is drier than summer.  On average, our wettest months are July, August and September, our driest November, December and February

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