Why Wouldn't You Find Gold In Hawaii?


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  Throughout the history of mankind, wars have been fought to acquire and possess gold. It has always been prized for its appearance, malleability and resistance to corrosion and hence has been used in jewellery and artwork from times immemorial.

  Some Astronomers suggest that formation of certain heavy metals could be the result of a neutron star collision in early universe. All matter on earth is the remnant of these cosmic events. Although deposits of gold can form in any geological environment, it is most commonly found in areas which have ancient giant fault zones, many of which were active during the earliest period of history. Massive earthquakes occurred due to the movement of these faults and the water in earth got heated which in turn dissolved metals from surrounding volcanic or sedimentary rocks. As the flowing heated water reached cooler rocks, the metallic minerals precipitated and got deposited in veins or blanket like ore bodies.

  Gold deposits can be found in ancient river channels, ancient volcanoes or hot springs or in any sand stones that may have formed due to weathering and erosion of these gold bearing rocks.

  Gold is probably not found in Hawaii because none of this activity may have taken place thousands of years ago to cause the gold to be deposited in its soil.

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