When Is The Hurricane Season In Barbados?


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Hurricane season in Barbados is during the months June through October, and sometimes extending till November. There is a local rhyme that goes "June too soon, October all over!"

Barbados is a little island nation that is located in the Caribbean amongst its various islands. It is one of the eastern most islands of the Caribbean. It is located to the north of Tobago and Trinidad, south-east of Dominica and Martinique and east of St Lucia. Its biggest neighbour is Venezuela lying further south of Tobago and Trinidad.

Most tropical showers and storms that occur in Barbados, do so around the hurricane season. The weather is generally dry during the rest of the year. The specific dry season though is from January to June. Most hurricanes pass by Barbados without caring to pay a visit. They occur further south from the island and the cooling rains they bring is much needed.

The average temperatures year round are between twenty to thirty degrees Celsius. Though the island is always sunny it is kept pleasant by the trade winds from the north-east.

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