How Does Acid Rain Cause Weathering?


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The acid rains are due to acidic gases present in the atmosphere. Gases like sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides get dissolved in the rain water, and make the water very acidic. They lower the PH of the water as low as 3 at times. Such a strong acidic water when falls on the buildings/rocks, it tends to eat away their surface. So this way acidic rain cause weathering.
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It is rain that is unusually acidic and is dangerous to plants aquatic animals and rocks pollutants in the air dissolve into the rain which erodes rocks or kills animals.
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Acid rain is very harmful and could erode rocks
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BBC on acid rain . . . Normal rain is slightly acidic, acid rain is worse.

Acid rain's effects are quickly notable on limestone or marble structures.
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The MAIN cause comes from the burning of COAL!
For COAL contains Sulfur and if you burn COAL you burn the Sulfur in it!
When you burn Sulfur it creates the following gases: Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), Sulfur Trioxide (SO3), and Hydrogen Sulfide!
ALL of these gases once in contact with any moister change into Sulfuric Acid! ZAP ACID RAIN!
It also makes Arsenic gas TOO!That effects the Ozone!
Their is an Extractor that can be built in line to filter the Smoke BEFORE it goes out the Stack 95%, BUT THEY DON'T WANT TO SPEND THE MONEY!
It's been around over 20 years!
This is part of the Global Warming Effect, and messes up plant and animal life, too!
Go to my Global Warming Group for more!

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